Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, cycle 21 pages 60-75

Christopher has recently found out about his mother’s affair with Mr. Shears. He has finally found why his father hates Mr. Shears so much. Mrs. Alexander has informed him about the news. She does not want Christopher to tell his father of his knowledge fearing that it will complicate things. Even with Mrs. Alexander informing him, Christopher still feels that she is a stranger, so he is unable to speak with her for long. Mrs. Alexander expresses that she only wants to be friends, but Christopher leaves without saying a word goodbye. Sinobin, Christopher’s personal teacher, confronts Christopher about the situation. She asks him if he is sad or felt any type of emotion. Knowing Christopher, this does not bother him because of his confusion to figure out feelings. He feels that since his mother is dead and Mr. Shears is gone, that no one should worry about the situation.
There was no vocabulary that needed defining.
The six traits in this passage are thoroughly worked on, especially word choice. The ideas in this passage have many underlying thoughts that help the book along. An example would be the paragraph on why Christopher likes math. He likes math because he believes that it is safe and very different from life. Math also has straightforward answers unlike his life. The word choice in the passage was also very good. The adjectives were descriptive and illustrated good images. An example would be “white clouds which looked like fish scales”

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