Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, cycle 20 pages 45-60

Christopher is a smart boy, even though he is at school for special needs. He is excelling in math and is the first person ever in his school to receive the privilege to attend A level math. He is also not perfect, he has he share of behavior problems, which includes not talking to people for a long time. His parents do their best to cope with this problem, but sometimes it is too much. They often fought about Christopher. Christopher believed they were going to get a divorce before his mother died.
Christopher arrives home to find his father at the dinner table. He confronts him about him sneaking around in Mrs. Shears’ garden. He is upset because he already told him to bother people with their business. He makes a promise that he will quit this nonsense, but it will be broken.
Christopher sees Mrs. Alexander at the store. She tries to strike up a conversation, but since he believes she is a stranger he doesn't reply to some of the questions, until he asks her about Mr. Shears. She tells him that the reason for his father’s hate for Mr. Shears is involved with his mother. It is because Christopher’s mother and Mr. Shears were having an affair.
There were no words that needed defining in this section of reading.
What do you think is important about the matter of Wellington?
Christopher: I believe that the dog is important to me. Although it wasn’t mind I feel like I have a close bond to it. I like dogs, finding out what happened to Wellington not only is sparking my curiosity but changing my habits and personality.
Why did you break your father’s promise of not investigating?
Christopher: I don’t think my father knows what I like to pursuit. This mystery is bugging me and I need to find out what happened, if I don't I will be wondering for the rest of my life. I should be able to do what ever I want and make my own decisions
What was your feeling when Mrs. Alexander told you why your father hates Mr. Shears?
Christopher: I felt like it was a surprise. I would never have thought my own mother would betray my father like that. I didn’t expect it at all. At first I thought Mr. Shears had hurt my mother, but now to find it was way different. I’m just in shock. My fire is only fueled by this and will only continue until I find more about Mr. Shears.

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