Sunday, September 28, 2008


Mr. Carter or better known as Lil’ Wayne has jumped into the music world and revolutionize the business. He and his music is an icon in American society. Lil’ Wayne uses persuasive lyrics, out of control beats, and raps with a sense of passion. He is considered to be among the greats of his craft with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Tupac, and many others. His dedication to his work has produced 3 solo cds before the age 30. That doesn’t include the side songs, various other projects, and underground mixtapes.

The southern rapper grew up in Hollygrove a neighborhood in New Orleans heavily hit by poverty and crime. At age 11 he was seen as a prodigy and recruited by Cash Money Records. Dropping freestyle raps for the owners he caught their attention and offered to record a few songs. A middle school dropout, many people may view him as a failure in life but, he had a dream to become the greatest rapper alive.

His success was overshadowed by near tragedy. Right after he signed
his contract and got the opportunity of a lifetime, he accidentally shot him self with his step father’s gun. This almost ended his life and could have changed the way we view music now.

Lil’ Wayne’s newest cd Tha Carter III has the likes of T-Pain, J-Zay, and Bobby Valentino. This corroboration of highly popular entertainers make it one of the best collection of songs of the decade.

Everyone has their own opinion of Lil’ Wayne, his raunchy, violent, and sexually suggestive lyrics are viewed by some as a bad influence for children listening. Others see him as a symbol of greatness and passion for the music is second to none. I believe that Lil’ Wayne’s songs are an expression for his passions and what he loves.
Got Money - Lil Wayne