Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ritual Poem Lazy Saturday

1. Prying open your eyes to the intense morning sunlight that descends upon the swaying palm trees
2. You walk down the stairs to a aromatic kitchen with food spread across the counter
3. You search for the couch to rest your lazy body from your long night sleep
4. Stretching your lifeless arm for the distance remote
5. Sift through the hundreds of channels
6. Discovering an epic football game for a mellow Saturday
7. The thought of your team losing clenches your stomach into dozens of knots
8. You gorge on the scrumptious breakfast put before you
9. The memorizing taste of the bacon seduces you into a daze
10. Falling deeper into the comforting arms of the couch
11. Collapsing into a inevitable nap

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