Monday, December 8, 2008

The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini #7 90-105

The start of these 15 pages reveal that school has provided a gate way for Amir to forget about what happened to Hassan in that alley but it would not prevent would ensue. One day, Amir asked Hassan if he would walk up the hill with him to read stories. Hassan eagerly joined him. They sat under the cool pomegranate tree, when Amir started to pick the fruits. He hurled one at Hassan, which left him in shock and pain. Amir urgered Hassan to throw one at him, but Hassan stood still. Amir began to pelt him with tons of pomegranates as he soon fell tired and dropped to the ground. Hassan walks over with a fruit in hand. To Amir’s surprise, Hassan cracks it on his own forehead, and walks down the hill in dismay. Amir finally knew what needed to be done with Hassan. The summer of 1976, Amir turned thirteen. Baba and Amir have grown apart again, and have gone back to their old habits. Insight of that, Baba decides to throw a big birthday party for Amir. At the party Assef confronts him. Assef charms Baba by talking about soccer, while Amir is annoyed by it. Amir sees straight through Assef’s fake smile and charm. Assef’s gift doesn’t please Amir either, as it is a book about Hitler. During the party Amir sneaks off and is found by Rahim. Rahim tells him of his only love and how she left him. The next day Amir carries through with his plan about Hassan. Amir plants money and a watch that he had received as gifts in Hassan’s bed and informs Baba that Hassan had stolen it. Hassan and Ali are left sadden and are asked if this is true. It ends with Hassan making yet another sacrifice for Amir by replying yes.
Why does Hassan always sacrifice for Amir when he knows he gets nothing in return? I believe this is because Hassan wants to show Amir that there is more to life than just your self and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for other people. Why is Amir such a selfish person? I believe it is because he was spoiled from birth. He comes from a rich family and gets waited on for his every need. He is used to people doing things for him and not doing things for other people. Why doesn’t Amir tell Rahim about Hassan’s raping? I believe that it is because Amir is afraid of the truth and is a coward. He should tell Rahim because Rahim would accept it and resolve the situation.
There was no vocabulary that needed defining.

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