Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini Cycle 6 15-30

At the start of these 15 pages, Amir and Baba have a serious talk about what is sinning to Baba. Baba explains that the only real sin that matter is theft, taking anything that doesn’t belong to you. Baba does not share many personal stories with Amir. Instead, Rahim Khan informs Amir about his father. One story that is told to him is when Baba’s father was killed and had his life stolen from him.
Read further into Kite Runner, I learn that Amir and Baba not really close and rarely have one on one talks. Baba is kept at the orphanage and his business leaving Amir at home by himself, restricting the time they have to spend together. Baba envisioned a son that was just like him, unfortunately he sees Amir as the complete opposite. Amir interested in reading books, he discovers his interest while reading his mother’s books. Baba wants him to be a great soccer player or at least have an interest for the game. The realization that it wasn’t possible for Amir to love the game of soccer disappointed Baba. This leads to an argument with Rahim Khan, Baba’s best friend. Baba is accusing Amir for having no fight in him and he won’t be able to stand up for him self. Overall, Baba thinks he doesn’t recognize his own son because he does not resemble him in any aspect of life.
Amir and Hassan are brought closer together by the books that Amir reads. Since Hassan is somewhat illiterate, Amir reads him stories, poems, or riddles. These spark Hassan’s mind and bring joy to him. When Amir stumbles upon a word Hassan does not know he teases him for it, but Hassan’s smiling face doesn’t show any anger.
Amir has a loving relationship with Hassan, but I don’t think that he appreciates all the things that he does for him. This reveals that Amir is somewhat spoiled and isn’t grateful for what he has compared to others like Hassan. Even though he does make fun of Hassan for being illiterate, Amir tries to help him by reading him books. This shows that Amir is a helpful and caring boy. The patterns that I see with Amir is that he is trying to find his own way in life, instead of following his father. He is an independent boy with his own aspirations like reading. I think the reasons for this is to show that Amir is going to do something other than run the family business when is older.
These 15 pages were full of words I didn't understand. The definition of mullah is (in Islamic countries) a title of respect for a person who is learned in, teaches, or expounds the sacred law. Shambled was used to described how Amir walked around on the field. The definition is to walk or go awkwardly; shuffle. Impeccable means faultless; flawless; irreproachable: impeccable manners. Nemesis means something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.: The performance test proved to be my nemesis.

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