Thursday, October 23, 2008

Found Piece

Erie and weird, I awoke, my window had been open and a midnight breezy brought chills down my body. A quick look at the clock revealed it was 4 o’clock. Something troubled me. Outside my window, a loud and clear a Hawaiian chant had arisen. A choir of angels seemed to be singing a harmonious melody. I lay there awestruck, frightened, and frozen. A dream perhaps, but the harsh reality of the haunting chant combined with the choral was all too real. I let the music lay me back to sleep.
“She’s passed on”
My mother’s voice pierced my ears and wedges my shut-eyes open. An end to hope itself. It isn’t true, and worse, does you no justice if we call your death the death of anything but you. A person so loving, so caring, so generous, taken from our lives. It’s hard to believe that someone like that could be gone. It became even more strenuous to cope with. Inevitable but, unthinkable. Sudden and saddening. How I’m I supposed to go along with my life? From my upbringing to present day, always keeping vigil over me. Nostalgic and heartbroken, my memories transport me back to the past, playing ball and laughing. Snapped back to the present, my eyes flooded with everlasting tears. The arduous task of waking up and going to school added on to the heavy and depressing mood. She is the reason I can go to school, forever indebt will I be to her. She has given me the gift of opportunity and changed my life.
I summoned the courage to go to school, with my eyes red and rivers pouring down my face. The most awkward and sad morning I’ve ever had, will remain with me always. I will always wonder, what was the chant and song outside?

John Lennon
By Mary Jo Salter

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Lara Cowell said...

Supernatural and sad piece. Watch conventions. Work on adding specific memories to illustrate the bond between the speaker and the dead person.